If your layover is just a few hours then don't get off the plane during a layover. We are travelling from London to Kerala on 22 January 2021 and intend to home quarantine for the required 7 day period. Does the 7 days institutional quarantine applicable for me as well? The most variety is located in the newly-built Terminal 3, but you wont hurt for options in the other 2 terminals. Thanks to round-the-clock departures, travellers should have little issue napping or camping out overnight. A happy journey begins with an exceptional airport experience! The airport is fairly noisy and brightly-lit, so bring along earplugs and eyeshades. PM. As of now, there is no quarantine in Delhi for fully-vaccinated travelers from Canada or the US even through they transit in the UK. My dad is a senior citizen and mom is slightly less than 60.. they both have high BP and high sugar problems. Hi My mother passed away and I need to travel to Delhi from New Jersey . For details, https://www.indianeagle.com/travelbeats/air-suvidha-inbound-travelers-india/. Hi Subramanyam! This may allow me to take my vaccinations in Italy. Im travelling on 30th oct to delhi from canada and my final destination is panipat,haryana.would u be able to.tell.me that where i will.be doing my institutional quarantine i,e. Or You are eligible for exemption from institutional quarantine for two reasons a death in the immediate family and a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours of your departure from Newark. Also, while making the appointment, we put in our aadhaar number instead of our passport number. As said before, your wife is eligible for exemption from institutional quarantine as she has the baby in her PNR. Start at the Qutub Minar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its well-preserved architecture, including the main minaret, which was built in the late 12th century. We are fully vaccinated and have uploaded negative RT PCR Test as required. I am traveling from US to Mumbai on 23rd December If they are negative (which we expect them to be), would providing a hard copy of the results be acceptable to make sure they are not put in institutionalized quarantine? Is that correct? Hi Sunny! But when airports are serviced by subways and trains, theyre the safest for layover plans. Hi! We are travelling with kids 8, 9 years old. Please be advised to check with the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation or the Ministry of External Affairs for confirmation. Hi Team, Hello, Terminal 3 International Arrivals is served by Meru Cabs and Mega Cabs, while Terminal 1C Domestic Arrivals is served by Easy Cabs. Hi, I and my wife are travelling from San Francisco to Delhi and we got RT-PCR test within 72 hour of departure. This isnt so important when it comes to nonstop flights, but it helps you understand the possibilities when youre booking connecting itineraries. Will that be enough time for me to do all formalities (covid guidelines) upon arrival in New Delhi. So my questions are: Hi Arjun! I need to travel to Kolkata from London ASAP. Its worth noting the airline hasnt published these rules to the public, but weve confirmed these with the airline: Note that Air Canada's system decides what can and cannot be booked. Hi , I have taken ticket for journey to India from Newwark USA by Indian Airlines Best card for premium perks while traveling, Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card, The Business Platinum Card from American Express, Marriott Bonvoy Business American Express Card, Southwest unveils stunning new Hawaii-themed aircraft, How to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points for maximum value, IHG Rewards Premier Business card review: The annual fee is justified. I also need information for Gurgaon. Hi Pankaj! The 3-year-old does not need a COVID test. Walking distance from Aerocity Metro Station, located on the Delhi Airport Express Metro Line. I see it is not mandatory to have test at Delhi airport for fully vaccinated and carries negative RT PCR report. Hi Apurba! Do we have to declare my 3 year old daughters details in the Air Suvida Portal? What would be the quarantine rule. Landing time is scheduled for 3:15 PM(IST) , and my connection flight at 5:15 PM (IST). My sisters flight from London to Bangalore have been rerouted to London> Delhi>Bangalore. Air india flights avaliable (16th and 17th Feb) from London to Kolkata are via Delhi and Bangalore. It is not applicable to those who already got approved on Air Suvidha. 1) Does the 72 hours prior RT PCR requirement will start from 2:24 PM (start of journey from Raleigh) or will it be from 9.30 PM which is the direct flight from Newark to Delhi? If you test negative on day 8, you can travel back. I am planning to travel day after tomorrow. Can I return back to USA in 4 days or will i have to stay in india for 14 days ? You need to take an RT-PCR test not more than 72 hours before your flight from Raleigh. It is neither mandatory nor necessary to book all the flights international and domestic on the same PNR. It is better to carry 4 copies of Air Suvidha self declaration form printed in color per person, along with Negative RT-PCR test results copy printed. If you transit via a country at risk or if you are found symptomatic in thermal screening, you are required to take an RT-PCR test, rapid or regular, on arrival at Delhi Airport. How long does it typically take to hear a result from Air Suvidha on the exemption form status? I am traveling on 17th November from Chicago to Delhi then connecting to Bhubaneswar 2 hrs layover with same PNR along with my wife and 15 months infant. HI Anamika! Do make sure that the report has a valid stamp and signature from the testing lab. I am travelling to India from USA on Thursday. The REAL surprise is T3 the international terminal. My parents are traveling to India on January 10th, 2021 from USA to India. Hi Leon! Plaza Premium Lounge Transit Hotel Location: Terminal 3, International Arrivals, Arrival Hall. Any help will be appreciated. Or, you will transit in a third country while traveling to Delhi from the US? If the report you do currently have ticks all the boxes, your dad can carry the hard copy and show it to health officials at Delhi Airport. Related: Why Aeroplans generous stopover option adds even more value to Amex cards. If the landing is delayed, the situation will be tight and pressing. Subho pujo! Passengers with RT PCR negative certificate are allowed to take domestic connections. Usually, children under 10 years are exempted. I am also planning to take RT PCR test. This means that 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points equal 25,000 Aeroplan points. I have direct flight from US to delhi (nontsop). Is there a Mandatory quarantine in Delhi? I wanted to make use of the institutional quarantine facilities in Delhi is there an an online website to book these ? We got back negative results and updated the same to Air Suvidha exception form. HI Shashikant! Please be advised to call the helpline of Delhi IGI Airport. I need to travel with her to Delhi so that she can stay with the Family and then I need to return back in 3-4 days. Thank you in advance for responding to all of our questions during these uncertain times. If I would carry RT PCR test report than need to test again for my connecting flight.? Neither pre-departure COVID-19 testing nor Air Suvidha form is mandatory for India-bound passengers from non-risk countries, such as the US, if their itineraries dont have transit in a high-risk country. Airlines such as Air India and Vistara both operate out of T3 exclusively, making transit much easier. Our opinions are our own, and have not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by our advertising partners. Thank you! You will be advised to self-monitor your health for 14 days upon presenting your pre-arrival negative RT-PCR report and remaining asymptomatic. Worse is that Air India is not even refunding the money. Also, would there be institutional quarantine in Pune, or just home quarantine? Do I need to stay back at the Delhi airport to have my RT-PCR test results before I commence my journey to Bhopal? My house doctor told that sometimes it takes 2 to 3 days to get the test result . Do i then still have to agree to the question about the 7+7 day quarantine? Hi Chirag! The same booking reference number and a pre-approved RT-PCR test report (negative) from the USA will get you through at Delhi airport. There is no institutional quarantine in Delhi or Mumbai for fully-vaccinated, COVID negative and asymptomatic travelers from the US. While Delhi is home to a major international terminal, it also has two separate domestic terminals and can be confusing at times. if I test negative and have no symptoms, can I attend the appointment or do I need to home quarantine for 7 days from arrival? They may even require a visa, which might need to be applied for and paid in advance. If you transit in the UK, Europe, or the Middle East, you will have to take a self-paid RT-PCR test on arrival at New Delhi Airport. I dont want to be covid tested at delhi airport due to testing inaccuracies producing false positive with no symptoms.Its a 50-50 situation.Will I be swab tested or temp checked thermal screening only for 7 day institutional quarantine in delhi?also when i complete my 7 days will i be swab tested or only temp checked after being released because what is the point then I should just go for the 5000 rupees test at delhi airport and get it over with in the begining rather than spending 7 days and eventually being swab tested doesnt make sense.If only temp check then makes sense because i dont trust the tests you never know and if comes positive then Im in a bigger problem.Please advise thank.s. Thank you very much for sharing this. Hi Vishal! Will it be 14 days home quarantine only or institutional + home ? You can, however, book London to Frankfurt to Madrid. Seems like we dont require a Negative PCR report c, correct? All passengers of international flights to India are obligated to undergo a body temperature check (thermal screening) upon arrival, and only 2% of them are subject to post-arrival random COVID-19 testing. If not possible with just the exemption on the basis of Parent accompanying minor, would it be possible if get RT PCR test done and results are negative ? Hi, - Michael Seifert Apr 9, 2022 at 15:34 I think 99% for 4 hours is an exaggeration. Hi Krishna! Hi Sitaram! The airports website indicates that all shops are open 24 hours. 3. Hello! Whether 2-hr layover is sufficient or not, depends on the rush of international arrivals on a given day. Hi Venkata! But still one doubt would like to ask. Tamil Nadu. Hi CM! Will this allow him time to transit, test and continue his onward journey? My question is what was your experience, did you get the exemption? It is, indeed, useful. But taking test at Delhi airport means waiting at the airport for few hours and waiting at the airport after a long journey will be very painful. What is their port of arrival or final destination in India? The request is rejected for no good reason, my results are awaited so I have uploaded the receipt of my test number. . Can I checkout the airport at Delhi as layover is of 10-12 hours and check in again for my flight from Delhi to Pune? 1. It also shares updates from US-India airlines. I got the same rejection last night and am flying out to SF today evening. My wife is pregnant. We need to travel to Delhi from London as theres a medical emergency in family. Hi Rajmohan! We are planning to travel from SFO To Delhi in end of Nov. The program even lets you set award space alerts for hard-to-find tickets. You are an international traveler, not a domestic traveler. Hi Harshit Were you able to resolve the doctor attestation issue? Will the Airline give us this Undertaking form? I am travelling on Sept 6th from JFK to Delhi to Bhubaneswar in Air India Flight. I am not sure why ,Is there any such rule to submit your passport? Hi, Hello, Traveling from NewYork to Delhi, Final destination Ghaziabad UP. I have a 10 hour layover at Delhi airport. Theres no limit on the number of carriers you can fly with, from what we can tell. Hi, I am planning to travel India in June and my daughter is 10 years old and will turn 11 in September. Hi I am planning to go to Delhi from USA and then connected flight to Calcutt Then youre in good company, because travel days can be draining. Hi Subramanyam! So it is done at the port of exit not port of landing. However, the approval to your exemption request means you are likely to be allowed on the connecting flight to Bhubaneswar on the same day. I have 2:15 between flights, catching a local flight. For example, everybody flying into the USA, even if it's just for transit, must pass through customs and immigration (and have a valid visa, if required by their nationality or purpose of travel). You can apply for exemption from institutional quarantine on the newly launched portal Air Suvidha. But there is no Undertaking form on the portal. To be precise, Travel Beats is a consistent effort by IndianEagle to bridge between Indians in America and India. My mother-in-law is traveling from Chicago to Delhi. Discover monuments like Qutub Minar, India Gate (photo stop), Parliament House (drive past), Humayun Tomb, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Lotus Temple, Lodhi Garden, and Akshardham Temple. What REALLY Happens to Those Airplane Blankets and Pillows? Hello, thank you so much for all the helpful information during complicated times. Thanks, Rates: unknown. You can choose to get tested after arrival at Delhi Airport since the layover is as long as 18 hours. Youd likely fly from Buffalo to JFK in New York City, then to one of Londons six international airports, or maybe Paris. If we get a Negative Covid report prior to travel, How many days of home quarantine do we have to follow? If you are traveling directly to Mumbai from the USA and if you are asymptomatic, you will get exemption from COVID testing and institutional quarantine. Fully-vaccinated travelers from non-risk countries should carry their vaccination proof. You need to apply for exemption not more than 72 hours before undertaking the journey from the US. Got emergency visa from embassy and heading to Mumbai. If your entire journey (itinerary) from USA to the final destination via Delhi/Mumbai is ticketed in a single PNR, you wont have to go for institutional quarantine in Delhi. If you book Air Indias itinerary from USA to her final destination, her checked-in baggage will get through to the final destination. So my list of questions are: (** I am travelling to Washington from Blacksburg by car). I am Hemant travelling from EWR (USA) to DELHI. I will be carrying an RTPCR test report. Visit our New Delhi Airport Guide for more information about more services and facilities available, such as food, WiFi, mobile charging, luggage storage, nearby airport hotels, and much more. I have taken pcr test on 27th nov ie yesterday . This is where the routing rules come into play. I am planning to travel from Newark to Delhi(planning to exit the airport and stay in a hotel as layover is 20hours) and then travel to Chennai. We are not in the know of any difference between an RT-PCR test and a SARS CoV 2 RNA test. Whether a minor needs a COVID-19 test depends on the age of the minor. However have an US visa dropbox appointment the next day after arrival in Delhi. I will take next day flight from delhi to gorakhpur . Is it because of just PCR not RT PCR? Does baby need RT-PCR test ? Could you please tell me if it will be acceptable? Lucky for you, New Delhi is voted one of the best in Asia, thanks in large part to its brand new Terminal 3. If the negative RT-PCR report features a stamp/signature from the testing lab, you can carry the hard copy/ soft copy and show it to the officials at Mumbai airport. Are there any other documents I have to carry other than negative RT-PCR test. You kind of talk about domestic transit in the article but it still isnt 100% clear to me. Can I just show my negative report at the airport and get exemption ? My question is 1 ) Am I be treated at Delhi Airport as UK passenger ? Yes you can. She will have a layover in EWR. I have been fully vaccinated with Moderna Vaccine. I am asking because I need to schedule my next flight. However, you dont need to wait for the result which will be communicated to you via email or over the phone. Delhi Airport features a number of lounges as well. Your email address will not be published. Hi Pramila! Hi Debojyoti! Hi Uday! If yes, do we need to take test for the kids also? Would Negative RT-PCR test an exemption from both institutional and home quarantine requirement ( I will be staying in a hotel and will leave India after collecting my visa from the embassy which will take less than 7 days and my visit would be short stay/I will carry a return ticket to Sri Lanka as well). In the first place, we doubt you may not be allowed to travel on BA from USA to India. Hi, I am planning to be in India for 10 days coming from UK and landing in Delhi airport while moving to stay in Gurgaon There is this clause for short stay travellers under proper intimation to their District/State health Please share your purpose of visit, duration of stay and show your return flight tickets upon arrival at Delhi Airport, you will be exempted from home/self-quarantine. You can add one stopover per one-way ticket. Appreciate your guidance, Sorry if its a repetitive question. Is this acceptable or does it have to be exactly 72 hours from time of travel? Is it possible ? I am looking to travel to India, and would like to avail of the institutional quarantine facilitiy, before i visit my elderly relatives. Hi Pratik! I will be arriving at Delhi from Rajkot by a domestic flight on 19th evening. Our trip starts on Nov 25 and return on Dec 6th. This has lower pricing across the board compared to the Pacific award chart. Locations: can be found in all terminals. Given the 7 day home quarantine, will I be able to enter and exit Delhi city for 24 hours? Can I come back in one week as my daughter will be staying in US only? I want to get exempted from testing and institutional quarantine both . Related Pages: Things to do on a layover at New Delhi Airport. Depending on where you are, you can also find other airport amenities to help you recharge and refresh, including pay showers, yoga studios, massage centers, play areas for kids, eateries, and, of course, simple phone-charging stations. You will have to take a self-paid RT-PCR test only once on arrival at Delhi Airport. If you or your daughter is found symptomatic in thermal screening at Delhi Airport, you will be taken to a medical facility for COVID-19 testing. Can someone come to pick her up at the airport? Hi Somrita! Layover via Delhi airport, will I need an Indian visa to transfer flight? Hi Sunny! 1. Am I allow to travel on Entry Visa (X)? Mumbai has mandatory institutional quarantine for travelers from Europe, irrespective of their negative RT-PCR report and onward travel plans. Can I exit the Delhi airport? Yes, you can do but it may take time to receive response to your negative report. I will fly Jet Airways to Delhi airport with 9 hours of layover to change to another Jet Airways Flight to Abu Dhabi. You can fill out the self-reporting form and the exemption form within 72 hours prior to your journey from SFO. My dad is travelling to delhi from sydney on 11th Jan 2021. Hi I attached a negative report for RT-qPCR report in my exemption form but it got rejected with reason RTPCR report not attached. If you travel with a negative RT-PCR test report (having a stamp/signature from the testing lab) and confirmed return travel tickets, you will have exemption from home quarantine in Delhi. "Direct flights from India to Canada have resumed. Upon approval of the RT-PCR test report and the exemption request on Air Suvidha, you will be allowed to continue your journey to the final destination from Mumbai Airport. thanks If you hold a single PNR for the entire itinerary originating from SFO, then you need to provide the flight number and the seat number of the flight from SFO. If I were to travel from the USA to Delhi, and connect to Nagpur, would I be able to do so? I am traveling on Tuesday night 9 pm. Hi i am traveling from pune to Delhi and from delhi to Toronto and i have a layover of 6hrs 25 mins in delhi. Hi , Ash. Is it Mandatory in SFO /Delhi airport? If my exemption gets approved, do I still need to do negative test-where I live it usually comes 3-4 days so wont be in time. Those who were subject to institutional quarantine before February 22, 2021 had to submit their passports and collect the same back after the quarantine was over.
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