The generator plates are assembled in the order of plate, plastic washers, plate, stainless steel jam nuts until 8 plates have been connected. For vehicle manufacturers Hydrogen is a fuel additive that can significantly Solar, wind, or water power could be a few examples. 7 months ago, well according to google search .97L of H is all you need per L of engine so 4.8L could run on this exact model. for yourself just like we've done, and just like 1000's of vehicle owners and One way to do this is to install a device that will allow your car to run on water. A conversion kit from Collier costs around $15,000. The sand is still there in the form of sand and the water is still there in the form of water. When you do install your hydrogen conversion kit system and see how well it works, let me know (email above), and I will congratulate you because each person who does this conversion is contributing to a cleaner environment. # Good for carb/fuel injection, gas/diesel. If $50-$75 a month is all you spend on fuel, it really doesn't make sense for you to install a hydrogen conversion kit. (1gal. An important, but glossed over Of course, to be a completely clean fuel, the electricity used to generate the gas needs to be from a clean source. But enough about Genepax, which is sort of tangential to my main thesis here, and on to a more common topic in my mail que: HHO as a means of extending the fuel economy of conventional IC engines. load to power the hydrogen generator. There's even a Japanese company, Genepax, showing off a prototype that runs on nothing but water. Moreover, You can also pay with these currencies: Contact: Hydro Water Power Inc That means you might have to disable--and perhaps remove--the system to pass the annual test. 5 years ago. Truck owners They allow you to convert your car to burn water as well as fuel and save hundreds of dollars on gasoline. Site_Map You might want to check into the meaning of mixture and compound. very misleading. cylinder engines. So can you convert your car to run on water? Then it will level off at a new level - at which All you have to do is add an occasional bottle of Evian (or tea, or whatever aqueous fluid is handy), then drive all over without ever needing gasoline. your engine. Avoid direct contact! The composite attracts oxygen, but not hydrogen, leaving the former element free and separated. hydrogen conversion kits is Hybrid Water Power, Click Here to Get Instant Access to Hybrid Water Power hydrogen conversion kit guide. Part 1. I increased my Nissan's fuel efficiency by 86% and it runs quieter with more power. 7 months ago | They exist in a gas state until heat is applied then the oxygen bonds to the to hydrogen molecules and forms H2O. Be the first on your block to. Salt or baking soda could also be used, but may dirty and corrode the plates over time. I would maybe caution thought that producing 5L/min of a mix of highly flammable H2 + O2 is explosively flammable and while impressive the device described doesn't appear in any way safe and demonstrations of this effect can be done a bit more safety consciously.Could I suggest this system might be superior for demonstrative purposes, I agree it's less impressive and it's far from totally safe but it's not like going to kill you and burn you're neighborhood down if you make a small error, whereas the system described above absolutely can kill you, maybe some bystanders and leave you legally liable for destroying you're neighbor's house if you like, make a small miscalculation or are careless for a moment. Since posting instructions for making biodiesel, many readers have notedthat many cars (including mine) run on gas, not diesel, and asking about options for gas-powered vehicles. when did i ever say that HHO is a compound? 10) We have water-to-energy converters running in all our vehicles since 2006. They allow you to convert your car to burn water as well as fuel and save hundreds of dollars on gasoline. the run your car on water conversion kits is sound science, but the claims are Add in the OBD II pass-fail to the smog check, and odds are these modifications will keep you from getting a smog sticker. In fact, Quantum has just shipped 11 converted Toyota Prius hybrids to Norway as part of their HyNor project. # You will discover how affordable yet very effective these devices are. Click Below Compatible with IRS requirements to REALLY get you tax rebates to pay for the conversion. But here's the misleading part of the many advertisements and claims we've read For a complete novice to engines, support is very important because even though this technology is proven, it is new, and we all like to know that there is help in case it is needed. What comes with the kit? This increases the surface area of the plate, and will assist in producing more gas. much to keep going. If your car burns gasoline, it won't burn water per se. These mods come under the category of tampering with a federally mandated emissions control system, making it impossible to pass the underhood visual inspection component of many state smog inspections. Can You Really Run Your Car on Water? Have you thought about using your brain before commenting? All Rights Reserved. A hose conveys the HHO output to the engine. As usual in the wonderful world of physics, there are no free lunches. The electrolysis cell assembly is on my workbench and ready to install, so stay tuned for the test results soon. 19 May 2008. Below you will find the top guides, out of 10 different hydrogen conversion kit guides that had been evaluated, based on the following criteria: Below, you will find the recommended top three hydrogenconversion kit guides that have been tested and that meet all of the criteria above. Faster vehicle acceleration with the hydrogen conversion kit. if (theYear < 1900) --SIMPLE to install/remove: the solution you've been looking for! First,no it is NOT possible to drive totally with water (these vehicles are still in production and are very expensive). Well, the answer is that we found this hydrogen conversion kit guide a little more complicated to use and for a beginner it is a lot easier to go with the top pick, especially with the videos. You can also pay with these currencies. You can also pay with these currencies: Are you going to wait until gas prices are. Order Hydrogen Car Kit for 4 cylinder Click Below To Order kept secret from you for so long? Helmenstine, Anne Marie, Ph.D. "Can You Really Run Your Car on Water?" The engine stops knocking or "pinging". In his 2006 State of the Union address, President George W. Bush declared his intent to alleviate the United States' problem of being "addicted to oil" [source: White House]. It took me a few days of puttering around in my shop to get the electrolyzer up and running. Basically, electrolyzed water (H20) is transformed The reaction simply allows the fuel to be enriched with hydrogen. The two gasses remain in a mixture state until they combine to form water and give off heat energy (since this is an exothermic reaction). Basically, electrolyzed . Water fuel conversion plans show you how to build and install your own Hydrogen Generator system, producing Hydrogen On-Demand, as you need it. The kit works with any car, SUV, bus, van, motorcycle or truck and is clearly the best for people who are mechanical beginners and still want to have the benefits of driving with water quickly and easily. ThoughtCo. I've been asked that with all these benefits, why only a rating of 9.0 out of 10. Order Hydrogen Car Kit for Midsize 6 to 8 Browns gas? This includes a reduced amount of carbon emissions, and this is also a cost-effective Induction. 9) Water is supplemental to gasoline or diesel fuel. very misleading. For years, heavy trucks have been using water sources, Hydrogen is an evolutionary technology that You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site. But, up until recently, it was also pretty expensive - the only way to convert your car to water was to get it done professionally, which could cost as much as $2,000. 808.281.1016 Order Ebook. He tells me that the HHO injection is only an enabler for other devices and changes. The electrolysis reaction requires energy from your car's electrical system, so you are using the battery or making your engine work a bit harder to perform the conversion. HHO Gas Or Brown's Gas Easily Converts To Your Car Or Truck, Make a DIY Hydrogen Generator For Your Cars and Get More MPG, How "Run Your Car On Water" Conversion Kits Work,,, engines. I had another long talk yesterday with Steve Rumore, my off-road buddy turned HHO donater. Nadav Snir| He's experimenting with several vehicles, and actually getting some consistent results--fuel-economy improvements to the tune of 10 to 12 percent on diesel trucks pulling trailers. your system has 16 plates exclusive of the connector plates; but according to the washer and bolt setup you show in the video only 2 plates get positive and 2 plates get negative connection from the battery. Chemistry does not change just for the folks who want to make up new compounds. Now! Click to contact Click to contact Click to contact But guess what? The hydrogen isn't in a situation where it could be explosive, so safety isn't a problem. conversion kit, our own experience with other types of fuel conversions has made So what's the problem? "In Times of Economic Despair Suppressed Inventions of the Past A lot of different numbers are tossed around; it probably depends on your specific vehicle. It is not a compound and has no properties on its own different than simply hydrogen and oxygen. Your vehicle is still using its normal fuel so you will still be buying gas or diesel. The Hydrogen car is the solution on saving your cash almost instantly. Learn how to convert your car to run on HHO. the 2008 "Consumer Electronics show" in Las Vegas, water-power was used var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-2847130-6"); That isn't happening. Water cools down the engine. the basic technology behind thistechnology that's been known about for years, but that the auto companies and Big Oil have kept hidden from you as you've lined their pockets- might be hard to understand, but its really easy to implement. First off, please keep in mind the words of dear old mom and dad: There is no Hydro Water For this project, you're going to need some stainless steel and some ABS pipe fittings. The idea is to use electricity from the car's alternator to electrolyze water into HHO, a mixture of pure hydrogen and oxygen. Clean, warm oil is essential, so you may have to install extra . SiO2 is sand and H2O is water. Out of the 10 hydrogenconversion kit guides that I reviewed, Simple hybrid system made the cut for the top 3. // -->